To Live With Less


Earlier this week I started writing down a few resolutions for the New Year. When I read back over the five or so different points I had down on paper, I realised that they were all connected and can be summarised in four simple words: To Live With Less.

Simple words, but no easy task!

I mean, as humans, we’re like born hunter gatherers. We seem to like gathering stuff, lots of stuff. And you know what, I LOVE stuff. But sometimes all of that stuff can just complicate or clog our lives. So over the coming year I’m going to do my best to acquire less of what I don’t really need and shed some of the stuff that I don’t really need.

Aside from material things, I also plan to schedule regular tech-free times to avoid digital burnout. Screen time is so important to me, in the work I do, but so is balance. During tech-free time I’ll be filling that space with analogue nourishment. Some notes I included in my journal earlier this week were: read, draw, write, listen to music, walk, run, breathe, see, listen.

Thinking on the fly right now, its interesting that some of my best ideas, thoughts about how to resolve a design/tech problem probably come about when I allow my mind to wander or decompress; on the way to get coffee, aimlessly doodling, going for a walk or run.

Here’s to living with less, balance and a positive year ahead.