A new look for Insta

Today Instagram announced a new logo. Moving away from the skeuomorphic logo we’re all familiar with, Intagram has flattened their icon and given it an ombré makeover. As with any rebrand, it has generated a range of opinions, voiced strongly via twitter. Regardless of opinion over the new icon, people seem to be embracing the new app design; putting user generated content at the forefront of the app interface.


Whether you love it or loathe it, check out the rebrand video below, one has to agree that it’s pure design genius; illustrating a snapshot of the design process and reasoning behind the refresh in under a minute. A pitch without words, and possibly the most powerful and convincing one I’ve seen for a long while.

The following video link focuses on user interaction and features a killer track from Basement Jaxx… I was initially skeptical about the new icon, but the accompanying audio tied it all together for me. Or perhaps it just reminded me of early uni days (circa 2003) slaving away at the mac, late at night, accompanied by likeminded designer friends. Anyway, check it out and consider it for yourself.