Making a list, checking it twice

Not quite Christmas morning, but close

It’s that time of year again: making lists, checking them twice, naughty or nice and all that stuff. It’s also a time when WordPress nerds get excited, which I was when I woke and checked my phone yesterday morning.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of WordPress 4.7 and the new default theme Twenty Seventeen. Both of which are powering this little site you’re looking at right now.

In a smart move from the WordPress team, Twenty Seventeen is perfectly pitched at micro/small businesses and start-ups. Given that such a massive portion of the web is powered by WordPress, moving away from developing a blog-centric default theme for the year ahead seems like a no-brainer, but its something WordPress geeks have been waiting a while for.

Last night I set to work, making changes and updates to this site, and its a dreamboat theme! Not only does it do most of the stuff I want it to do, it looks fresh and contemporary, is responsive and it doesn’t cost a dime! Bonus!

Obviously its probably going to look a little bit cookie-cutter over the next few months as new WordPress sites pop up with Twenty Seventeen pre-installed, and exisiting users (like me) adopt the new theme, however this isn’t a major concern I have. In the past, the fear of having my web presence look like everyone else’s has stalled me in terms of updating my site. As a result, my exisiting website had some serious cobwebs going on… But I’ve been busy setting some goals…

Making a list, setting goals & Ticking things off

So, in terms of making lists and checking them twice, my gift-giving list is almost complete for the coming festive season. More importantly, I’ve been setting some goals for the immediate future. Some might call it ‘strategising’ or ‘prioritising’, but basically its just me getting my shit together.

In terms of the site you’re reading right now, it’ll be my online hub with links to my other websites and obviously my socials. I’m looking forward to sharing some new corporate design projects I’m working on at the moment. I’ll be featuring them right here on this site in the new year. In terms of my online store, personal side projects and illustration work, I’ll be posting those over at

I’ve also been working toward updating and consolidating my portfolio into a single location at

Also, the blog on this site now reads ‘Thoughts’. I’ll be posting regular bite-sized articles, videos and perhaps even some podcasts with a specific corporate design focus. I’m also going to maintain my Journal over at, with the less-serious nonsense and silly stuff I work on/contemplate in my downtime.

Until then, good luck preparing for the festive season ahead and planning for the new year. Stay cool and be sure to check in here again soon.