Designer, illustrator and creative guy


I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for a range of clients including: professionals, small businesses, organisations and publishers. I’m also work as a Publications & Promotions Officer at a Victorian college. In this role I manage advertising, marketing, newsletters, website and a range of other print media. In addition to this, I also teach Year 12 Visual Communication Design. I studied Graphic Design for a total of six years, achieving a BVA Graphic Design with Honours (1st Class), and a Masters (Research) degree. After work hours I keep busy with freelance design jobs and my own illustration projects. Skills: • Corporate Identity Design, Branding and product labelling • Publication & Promotion work for print and online • Web Content Management • Contemporary illustration • Book design and page layout Software Skills: Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe CC) Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Acrobat Pro), WordPress. Qualifications: Masters (Graphic Design), BVA Graphic Design (with 1st Class Hons), Grad Dip Ed.

 A bit more about me…

AboutMePhotos The little munchikin in the photo below is me, aged about one. I always had a thing for crawling into baskets and boxes, which I think subconsciously led to me creating The Box Boy. As a grown-up, I often feel like I’m still really just a kid at heart and I find that the craft of illustration provides me with a rewarding creative outlet. When I’m working on a picture book project, you have to force your brain to think like a kid, which I think keeps me feeling young. MalAgedOne After work hours I generally work on my own illustration/creative projects. Whilst I’m working full-time in a publicity and teaching position, I think its really important that creative people have their own side projects too. Doing this keeps me happy. I also love gardens and seeing things grow. I have quite a collection of bonsai plants and have recently developed a bit of a thing for terrariums too. I’ve loved being creative from a young age, and as you’ll notice from the painting below, I was practically a child prodigy from the age of 6… SelfPortraitCirca1991 …(Just to clarify, I was kidding about the child prodigy bit.) However, I haven’t stopped being creative. 25+ years on I’m still slaving away, pencil in hand. Here’s another more recent self-portrait. My creative ability has clearly regressed… alittlebitstressedAnyway, enough silliness. That’s a bit of info about me. Please feel free to contact me via my contact page or via email if you’d like to get in touch. Cheers, Mal